Globalisation is no longer just an option; it is the way forward for any business eyeing sustainable growth. The cross-border business advisory services sector is booming across Europe; it is no longer the exclusive domain of the traditionally large finance centres like London, Frankfurt or Milan.  Other European cities have emerged that are changing the ball game, shifting the capital from North to South and across new territories. With connections between EU states being so open and accessible, this is the best time to expand.

Some may ask why Babbington Croft Associates – with over 30 years in the field while already enjoying its own international presence – needed to join other comparable firms to succeed? The answer, according to the company’s chairman Floros Charalambous is simple: ‘There is always more strength in numbers and combined skills. Babbington Croft Associates’ own facilities complimented well the 3a Global network’s exciting array of resources. Membership brought together a formidable team from all over Europe.’

‘The 3a Global network has provided us with a wider forum for ideas and expertise sharing and above all, it offered us the flexibility and independence we wanted within our firm’